Teaserbox Documentation

It's always handy to have a good product documentation around. We certainly do allocate an updated documentation for Magento Teaserbox on this page explaining installation, integration, product implementation and configuration processes.

Teaserbox Installation

Magento Teaserbox is available through Magento Connect. To install Magento Teaserbox simply login to the backend of your shop and navigate to System » Magento Connect » Magento Connect Manager. Type in the extension key named "magento-community/Teaserbox" and click the install button to process the installation. Afterwards navigate to System » Configuration » Advanced and make sure Velite_Teaserbox is enabled.


Teaserbox Integration

There are two possible integration scenarios for Magento Teaserbox. You can either integrate it in a CMS-Page (e. g. the Homepage) or into an existing Template-File.

Option 1: CMS-Page integration

  1. Navigate to CMS » Manage Pages in the Admin Panel
  2. Click on the page you want Teaserbox to get displayed
  3. Paste the following line in the content-field at the position you want Teaserbox to appear: {{block type="teaserbox/index" template="teaserbox/box.phtml"}}

Option 2: Template-File integration

  1. Find out which XML-Configuration file in the layout directory is responsible for the Block in which you want to integrate Teaserbox.
  2. Add this line <block type="teaserbox/index" name="teaserbox.box" as="teaserbox_box" template="teaserbox/box.phtml" />
  3. Goto the template directory and open the desired Template-File
  4. Paste the line <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('teaserbox_box') ?> at the position you want Teaserbox to appear.

Teaserbox Content

To get started you need to create the images you want to get displayed in the Teaserbox. The images must have the same width and height as the Teaserbox itself (by default 680 * 300). Attach these images in the magento backend to the products you want to get shown up in the Teaserbox. To actually display a Image in Teaserbox switch to the "Teaserbox"-Tab in the product edit-area and choose the image in the "Show in Teaserbox" Pulldown list. Save the product. The image should appear in the teaserbox afterwards.