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Magento Superflow

We have released a new extension for Magento called Superflow, which comes with compatibility to Magento 1.7. If you're looking to add functionality and interaction to your Magento store, you and your clients will fall in love with our new extension Magento Superflow. You now have the chance to display any product, you wish to, in a new, interactive and fancy way.

Magento Superflow

Product Features

Superflow is highly customizable, you can change almost every value that is dynamic. So, we have implemented many features that will convince you of the power of the Magento Superflow extension. Take a look at the Superflow Features page for further details.

  • Multiple extension instances
    Scoping is a way to display different products in multiple Magento Superflow instances within your Magento shop. You can either use Target based or Category based scoping or a combination of both.
  • Background Transparency
    Set the Superflow's background to transparent and let it ignore any background color defined to show your store's native background. Please note in this case, that image reflection doesn't work.
  • Autosliding
    Enable or disable autosliding for your products within the Superflow extension, we recommend to keep it enabled. Furthermore you can define its timer delay and the amount it takes to flow to the next product.
  • Advanced Customization
    Superflow lets you set Javascript Callbacks. That means you can define a function which should be called by rollovering or clicking a product within the extension that makes some DIV element visible for example. This feature is perfect to give your clients the best shopping experience.
  • Color Customization
    You can change all color values for the elements that come with the Magento Superflow extension. Furthermore you can change their amount of transparency. That way you can make the look perfectly match to your needs and your Magento Store. Happy customization!

Product Demo

For sure, we provide a fully functional live demo where you can take a deeper look at the product engine and even you can play around with the settings given in the Magento Backend as well. Ready for action? Look and see!

Product Documentation

It's always handy to have a good product documentation around. We certainly do allocate an updated documentation on the product page explaining features, installation and implementation of Magento Superflow.